No matter what you're hosting — business function, party, or even a wedding — D-LAND Kitchen has your back. With a unique menu full of comfortable favorites from Detroit and Cleveland, you can rest assured that everyone will be satsified.


Q: What if my guests have dietary restrictions?

Our menu has something for everyone. Our veggie-wrap is popular among vegetarians, and we can customize everything and anything on the menu.

Q: Do I have to bring anything?

Nope! We provide everything - the table, plates, and everything in-between.

Q: Can I find your prices online?

Please call us at (954) 487-7493 to discuss pricing. We customize our menu to your exact specifications, so for that reason our pricing can vary. The truck, however, costs $250 for the first hour, then $100 for each additional hour.

Q: Okay I'm in. How do I order?

You can click here for our contact form, or you can email us at, or call at (954) 487-7493. Any time of day or night.

Q: Do you guys bring the truck?

If you order the truck, we bring the truck!

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